Why tour with Tread ‘n’ Trails?

Why tour with Tread ‘n’ Trails? Ghost towns, wild horses, and caves – that’s why.

Just outside of Yellowstone National Park, Tread 'n' Trails offers remote off-roading tours. As the gateway to some of Northwest Wyoming’s most remote locations, each trip gives you access to the some of the locals’ favorite spots in the area. Here are some details about the different tours offered by Tread ‘n’ Trails you won’t want to miss out on:

The Ghost TownFull day tour

In 1885, people of small-town Kirwin, Wyoming struck gold. With only a population of 200, the small mountain town became a treasure trove. Just 22 years later, the town was quickly abandoned. Today, Kirwin is a ghost town. With decaying buildings and remnants of the past, you'll be able to witness the hard lives lived deep into the mountains above. This off-road ATV tour to this ghost town guides you through all of Wyoming’s natural wonders: vast meadows, flowing rivers, and deep forests. In Kirwin, you can hike the remnants of an old mining road to an abandoned copper mine (a pricey hike in terms of oxygen requirements), or take a short hike to a cabin built by Amelia Earhart.

Outdoor lovers and history enthusiasts who are up for a remote off-road tour will love this trip. It’s gritty with some historical aspects – it even has a slight twist of spookiness. This trip even has a lunch option where you can order from Cody Coffee Roasters.

The Peaks to Prairie4 hour tour

This ATV off-road tour leaves from Cody and ventures through the mountains just outside of town. The trail is winding, with switchbacks and scenic overlooks. It has mind-blowing views of Northwest Wyoming that are picture perfect. This tour will not only provide you with views of the vast landscape, but also with opportunities to see some of Wyoming’s wildlife. Wild mustangs are in the area often, and are incredible to witness in their natural habitats.

Horse enthusiasts and wildlife lovers will really enjoy this trip. Not only will wild mustangs be roaming around but also other animals that are native to the area. This tour is appropriate for people of all ages who want to experience ruggedness of Northwest Wyoming’s landscape. The Peaks to Prairie tour also comes with a lunch add-on from Cody Coffee Roasters.


The Spirit of Cody - One hour tour

The Spirit of Cody tour is short, sweet, and picturesque. The entire town of Cody is visible from the top of Cedar Mountain, with iconic vistas of Rattlesnake Mountain, Heart Mountain, Newton Lakes, and Red Lakes. Many of the rocks on Cedar are unique with crystallization throughout. You'll be exposed to all of the mountain’s nooks and crannies, and even a cave that is accessible with a key from the Bureau of Land Management. This relatively steep ride to the top of Cedar Mountain takes you through open prairies, downed trees, and massive boulder fields. There are possibilities of seeing raptors, migratory mountain bluebirds, deer, and signs of cougars or mountain lions.

Rockhounds, birders, and families who want a quick overview of the rugged Cody terrain will love this trip. Seeing the entire town of Cody from the top of Cedar Mountain is a view everyone needs to experience in their lifetimes. This tour will give you that opportunity.

Tread ‘n’ Trails will make sure you’ll have an incredible time – no matter which tour you select. Schedule a tour with us today by calling us a (307) 296-7171 or reserving online.

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