Just outside of Yellowstone National Park, Tread 'n' Trails offers remote off-roading tours and rentals.

Tread ‘n’ Trails is the gateway to Northwest Wyoming’s most remote locations. Each tour offered will give you access to the some of the locals’ favorite spots in the area. With half and full day options, Tread ‘n’ Trails’ expert staff will provide you with an unforgettable experience.



Nate Winninger is the owner and founder of Tread ‘n’ Trails. He grew up in Powell, Wyoming where being outside was an essential part of life. Living so close to the mountains, Nate found himself always exploring in his own backyard. His favorite place is the Pryor Mountain Range, just east of Powell. His favorite part is when the late afternoon sun always gleams off the rugged terrain. Lucky for Nate, he can see the range’s beauty right from his porch.

Having grown up in Northwest Wyoming, Nate knows the ins-and-outs of the mountains’ most beautiful spots. He is CPR/First Aid and ATV/UTV certified and is well-equipped to provide an incredible outdoor experience.


Corey Zubik is a native of Cody, Wyoming. His active and outdoor lifestyle has led him to explore numerous areas in the Big Horn Basin. For the last five years, Corey has spent much of his free time dirt biking, hunting, and muddin’. His favorite spot to explore is the Red Lake and Diamond Basin area because of its ever-changing landscape. On rainy days, the red clay turns into a soup-like texture, forcing him to think twice and choose the best path. Dry days, however, allow for a laid-back, smooth ride.

Corey is a US Army infantry veteran who served multiple tours in Afghanistan. He is also CPR/First Aid and ATV/UTV certified. His experience in the military and his extensive knowledge of the Big Horn Basin area gives him the necessary credentials to lead all groups on incredible outdoor expeditions.


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